“Dang is back to cooking Vietnamese fare at Vanessa’s, and it has met with approval—even cheers—from her North Berkeley customer base, who revel in small plates that lend themselves to sharing.”




“It's an enjoyable mix of kitchen cultures in the hands of someone as capable as Vietnam-born Vanessa Dang, a seasoned Bay Area restaurateur-chef. She comes up with some terrific combinations, such as spicy salmon tartare -- avocado, tomatoes and onions with cilantro, bathed in ginger soy vinaigrette ($7) -- and sauteed lemongrass tofu and roasted peanuts with a lovely curry beurre blanc ($6).”




“As far as my food went, I haven't been to a place in quite some time that kept the tastebuds popping in different ways, until tonight. It was a solid, tasty (with no strikeouts and a few very big hits) meal, which was interesting as well as fun to eat.”